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Nikki Cummings

Nikki is who you want on your team when the struggle gets real. She’s the operational guru, the tactical taskmaster and the community protector. Nikki will get everyone on your team aligned in their roles, accountable and performing at a high level of capacity. 

Buddy Cummings

Buddy is your guy for creating the company, product and life of your dreams! He’s the strategic visionary, the Chaser of Stoke and the big, hairy, audacious goal-maker. Buddy will give you the passion and motivation to see your vision through to the very end, no matter the odds.

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Work & Travel: Finding the balance between play and productivity

 I’m a wanderlust by nature and love an opportunity to travel and explore with my campmates, especially when it involves a warm beach or powder-covered mountain. I also look forward to a trip that involves a conference center in Chicago meeting with our treasured clients. It’s always an adventure. The adventures, however, come with a… Continue reading Work & Travel: Finding the balance between play and productivity

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Office Communication: The Art of Healthy Confrontation

With a little pre-planning and the right intentions, you can turn what could be a difficult conversation into an opportunity to build trust, communicate needs and expectations, and foster an environment for growth and improvement.

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How to Stay Motivated to Hit your Goals

Goals, Goals, Goals! For many of us, goal setting is an exciting exercise, and for some of us, it can be an overwhelming task. Either way, we reset, refocus and walk into a new year or new chapter, with intention. As the weeks wear on, and the chaos of day-to-day life ensues, the excitement fades and we can find ourselves feeling defeated.

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